Hello Everyone,

Don't really like to send these on the weekends, however, it seems the only quiet time I have at the time. As we approach Thanksgiving, we see a bit of a downturn in inventory but not in sales. The rates continue to stay low and this is still the major stimulation for purchasing, not just homes, but the jump in the buying of electronics, home furnishings, appliances, and automobiles. This is also an indication of how people put buying these things off until they feel comfortable with the economy. Even though working with "feelings" is always a dicey proposition; that is what residential real estate is. It is an emotional decision of which we try to turn into a logical one. It isn't like commercial real estate where visibility, parking, and workspace are the vital concerns. This is your home, "your crib", your safe place, this is where your children will grow up, giggle and ruin your carpet, where you place the Christmas tree, where you grow up, older and, hopefully, wiser. So sense when buying and selling can leave room very quickly, but that is okay because everyone does it. Even if Spock owned a home, he would get a bit wacky, I guarantee it. No one is at their best when buying and selling. An alien enters the body and takes over the mind and spirit. The good thing, it does exit, as soon as the bags are unpacked, you find a good dentist, hairdresser, and the kids are in school. The craziness is temporary. That is why the least part of a realtor's job is actually showing homes. Every real estate deal is the same as for as logistics: show the property, get it under contract, inspections, appraisal, loan approval, close. Basically, four steps to fruition. Oh no, it is never like that. "Human" gets in the way every darn time. We just can't help ourselves. Call it stress, call it drama, call it karma, call it control. Or, sometimes, it is all four at once. These forces come together, and depending on the personality type, the fun begins. Even if things are going smoothly, there will be an eruption of some magnitude. The toughest are when the qualifying is tight and loan dates get moved out, moving trucks are scheduled and then re-scheduled, utilities are off then back on. It is enough to drive a client mad and this happens when you live out of a suitcase and have two plates and two forks left unpacked. I suppose, in the last seven years, I have had a fuller understanding of how important a real estate agent really is. Prior to that (prior to 2008), deals were going so fast, people didn't have the luxury of wigging out. Their home sold in days and then they had to buy one in hours....who cared about the fogged window or the dining room chandelier they swore was there when they first looked at the property. Today, deals are a bit more complicated, added to the fact that homes are more expensive, more is expected, lending has changed, and sometimes, we seem just to have too much information at our fingertips. Not the informative, good kind of information, the "scare your pants off" kind. That seed of doubt, that uh oh, that lingering fearfulness kind of information. The kind that is, "what? that offendor is 14 miles down the road!!!" sort of information, even though, probably 1/2 of the American families at Christmas have those relatives with the same offense. Because of this, realtors are the perfect go between. We keep people sane (for the most part), help them understand what is reasonable, and keep the stories straight. Sellers tend to exagerrate their home's assets and buyers tend to be overcritical of percieved shortcomings. It can be chaos from the start and that is where the third party comes to play. So, all in all, when people tell me they would love to sell real estate so they could see all the pretty homes...yes, I see amazing things...oh, I forgot, they are talking about the homes....

Have a great month, have fun and live fabulously!!

Remember, I love what I do and please refer me to your friends and family!


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