Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful Fall we are having. Holidays are right around the corner then a

fresh beginning in 2017. We are having a fantastic year, blessed with wonderful

sellers and reasonable buyers. Each year, I am convinced that experience and

perseverance are what is most important in life. I have been reading about the

findings in the crash of the 2009 Air France Flight 447 which killed 228 people (all

aboard) from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. I know, you are thinking, “what a festive

topic!” Essentially, the plane was literally equipped to fly itself with all the

technology available. The wide bodied Airbus A330 is safe, almost completely

automated with control modes and alarms for every possible problem that could

arise. On top of that, the pilots were well trained and Air France is an iconic

company, one of the premier airlines in the world, literally the pride of France.

What could have happened? You have skilled people flying a 4th generation plane.

Well, what happened was “human” or the “human factor”.

A plane built to literally fly itself is taken down by miscues, lack of trust in the

data provided (the instrument display), miscommunication, then finally just

relinquishing to the powers that be. How could things have gone so wrong in

literally 1 minute and 40 seconds? That is how fast the cockpit environment

changed from a passive flight to one of disbelief. The pilots were trained but not

skilled in how to deal with quick, impending disasters, their intuitiveness dulled by

passive workloads and routine flight simulation. They simply became

overwhelmed by the situation. In other words, they were on “auto pilot” for most

of their careers. Obviously, this isn’t the only occupation of which this occurs.

We experience this frequently in our real estate industry. Time and time again,

Ella and I look at “expired or withdrawn” listings to evaluate the ever changing

market and to ascertain what we need to do in order to stay ahead of the

competition and provide stellar service and justice to our clients. We can see the

writing on the wall; overpricing, bad photography, not enough text about the

property or strange writing about obtuse features, never any price reductions.

Properties on the market for months and months and never any enhancements

made to the basic MLS data entry. In other words, “auto-pilot”. Sheer resignation

when a property doesn’t sell. We face this again on inspections and appraisals.

Agents afraid to confront their clients with the truth about the market conditions,

overpromising, then a strange passiveness takes over, as if just resigned to let go.

In a nosedive, just like those pilots, sitting in disbelief, not trusting the data, and

not making a move. Well, the days of the “easy sale” are mostly gone. Even

though our market is steadily improving, each deal is unique and people are much

educated and seasoned by the Recession. An experienced and resilient realtor that

will see outside the box and go the extra mile is a must when dealing with your

largest asset and your future. In other words, even if you do not use my service,

please, please, please, for the love all things Holy, do NOT use your sister’s

plumber’s, 2nd cousin’s baby mama. You know the one. Where if they can just

make a couple of thousand to pay for a Christmas or a vacation, it is all good. It

may look like a good business deal at the outset but as soon as humans become

involved (let’s face it, if all you had to do was put a sign in the yard, sign a

contract, have an inspection, appraisal, and close, what a piece of cake, oh like

1994-2007!) things can get nasty very quickly. If we were only just selling real

estate, what a blast!!! Unfortunately, there is more; humans mucking up, dragging

their feet, putting their head in the sand, emotional, temporarily (some, not all!)

dysfunctional, baggage (and not the suitcase kind), too much input, inaction,

paralysis analysis, etc., fear of overpaying, underselling, just fear, family approval,

the need to mitigate ever risk known to man on anyone but themselves. Where it

took the a minute and forty seconds for the plane to go down, transactions move at

warp speed also. That smart business move won’t look good at the end, I can

promise you that..I know because I see it day in and day out and then it becomes

everyone’s problem. So you see, autopilot can be a wonderful thing as long as

there is no turbulence.

Take care, stay warm!